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This page will be kept regularly up to date with information on the latest community events taking place on the redevelopment of The Old Southwark Fire Station.


Significant changes have been made to the plans as a result of feedback from local residents including:

- All of the sports facilities previously included within the main site have been moved to the grotto, creating a new leisure centre which will be available for the school and the local community.

- The school building at the corner of Copperfield Street and Southwark Bridge Road has been reduced from 4 storeys to 2 storeys. As the building will be lowered 1.5m in order to accommodate for the changes in levels the school building at this location is the equivalent of a 1 and a half storey development.

- The residential buildings have been reduced in height from the two previous options so that the building is now 10 storeys at its highest point rather than 11, 13 or 16 storeys as in the previous options.

Hadston is fully committed to engaging with the community throughout the development of our design proposals and would encourage residents to get involved with our consultation process and let us know your views. This website will be kept regularly updated with the latest information on our upcoming consultation events.